5 Things every Australian alfresco area needs (and 1 you don’t)

So you want to know know what makes a good alfresco and entertainment area?

We're going to tell you 5 things every Australian alfresco area needs - and 1 thing you don’t!

No matter whether you've got a small patio, super swanky backyard or enjoy getting out on the veranda, we'll tell you what you need to convert a backyard to into an awesome alfresco area.

So without further adieu, here's our top 5 Things every Australian alfresco area needs (and 1 you don’t)

5. Outdoor TV

Okay... so it's a total luxury!!! We know... but a outdoor TV can really make an outdoor entertainment area a bonafide/ stand-on-its-own 5th room in your home. Aussie blokes everywhere are coming out of the garage & staking their claim on the outdoor entertainment space adjoined to the home. Relax, put your feet up!

4. Bar Fridge

No matter what you like to sip, a bar fridge will help keep the good times rolling outdoors, ensuring you never experience FOMO (fear of missing out) while heading inside to grab more drinks. Drinks can be chilled to perfection and always conveniently within arms reach making enjoying a beer, wine or softy outside never easier. Bar fridges can hold anywhere from a couple of six-packs to 3-4 cartons of beer and are #4 on our list for the Aussie backyard.

Bar Fridges

3. Heating

A massive range of heaters are available (gas, electric or fire) these days but all allow you to enjoy outdoor living deeper into the cooler autumn and winter months. Depending on the size and type of outdoor alfresco area you have (enclosed or not), heating keeps you warm

Electric heating can be very effective and always looks great!

2. Somewhere to sit

Seems obvious right? But the comfort of where you sit is a massive factor in how long you're able to enjoy your outdoor area. Outdoor furniture is really affordable, highly durable and available in wide range of loungesdining settingsbar settings amongst others making something available for every entertainment/alfresco area.

1. A BBQ!

BBQs are the quintessential outdoor appliance... Always have been, always will be... They provide a place for friends to gather and deliver the ultimate taste of Australia - no matter whether you're char-grilling corn, cooking humble snags or grilling some pricey wagyu fillets.

They're available in a bunch of styles with difference designs, burners & materials. They can be portable BBQs, trolly'ed, or complete outdoor kitchens but ultimately, no matter what your needs, budget or lifestyle, they are number 1 things every Australian alfresco area need.

1 thing you don't need...

A BBQ SideBurner

Yup - the good ol' BBQ side burner... Possibly the most under utilised (read useless) thing in any alfresco area. Don't get me wrong, we all love the idea of a side burner...
'it'll be so convenient'... we tell ourselves or others when selecting a BBQ...

But lets be honest, you may have used a side burner once, but the dream of cooking-up a cheeky little Nasi Goreng is long gone.

– At the end of the day, find what works best for your outdoor area and get outside and enjoy some fresh air and good times!

What do you think? 

We've missed loads culling the list to 5 but are sure there's more out there. Let us know what you think the most needed things are in any Australian alfresco entertainment area and comment below.

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