7 Essentials for Outdoor Entertaining

What’s an Aussie summer without a backyard BBQ? But let’s be honest - even when summer has long gone, the backyard entertaining doesn’t really stop.

Outdoor entertaining has a special place in our hearts here in Australia.

If you’re someone who loves to play host and want to get your outdoor area up to scratch - you’ve come to the right place. This checklist will help you set up your alfresco area for all your entertainment needs.

1. BBQ

This one probably goes without saying but a good barbie is at the top of the list for any outdoor area.

Depending on the type of food you plan to cook, how many people you host and of course, how much space you have - there are a variety of BBQs to choose from. You could choose to get a built in option or if you’re limited on space, a smaller, portable barbeque might be a better option.

2. Outdoor Furniture

Of course if you’re entertaining people, they’re going to need somewhere to sit. The type of outdoor furniture you invest in will really depend on your space and the type of entertaining you’re more likely to do.

If you only really have people around for meals, an outdoor dining set is the better choice for you. However, if you prefer a more relaxed vibe in your outdoor area, an outdoor lounge setting may be the go for you

3. An Outdoor Fridge

Don’t want your guests traipsing in and out of your house just to get to their drinks in the fridge? You need to provide them with an option to keep their drinks cool outdoors.

Eskies are great, but you know what’s even better? An outdoor fridge. Keep your drinks cool with a small outdoor fridge and it’s the perfect addition to your backyard bar area.

4. An Umbrella

Most outdoor areas are exposed to the weather. If you don’t have a covered area to protect from sun or rain, an umbrella is a great investment for your alfresco parties.

They provide shade, keep the area cool and make sure you can make use of the space without getting burnt to a crisp on a stinking hot day.

5. Outdoor Heaters

As we mentioned above, entertaining outdoors doesn’t really stop just because the weather is getting cooler.

But you can certainly help your guests feel more comfortable with a heater. An outdoor heater will ensure you extend the use of your space even when the temperatures drop.

6. Music & Mood Lighting

Good music is key to a fun event. Set yourself up with a good speaker set up to make sure you’ve always got the right tunes to set the atmosphere.

Plus, if you really want to set the mood, especially in the evenings, invest in some mood lighting for your space. Whether it’s some string lights or outdoor light fixtures, the right light can help to create an even better space for you

7.Outdoor Tableware

Finally, make sure you have some tableware specifically for your alfresco space.

Sure your regular dining set will do just fine. But outdoor events can sometimes get messy, and you may like to invest in some smash-resistant tableware for your space. This is especially handy if your space is near a pool and you want to keep things safe.

Setting up your alfresco space for entertaining is truly a worthy investment. You will make much more use of our space with the right equipment and furniture in place and your guests will definitely enjoy your events more.