Camping accessories

  • Gasmate Stove Knob

    Has your stove know seen better days? Well we have replacements ready to go! Features Will fit most brands of LPG gas stoves Two knobs per pack Specifications Generic size will fit Gasmate & most other brands

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  • Gasmate O-Ring Spindle

    Gasmate has been the market leader in outdoor leisure for over 30 years. It offers a full range of O rings for all appliances such as the O-Ring Spindle. In a pack of 2. Features In a pack of 2 Specifications O-ring for cylinder end of hoseUse with...

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  • Gasmate Stove Top Grill

    Gasmate stove top grill is made with non stick coating and drip slots for grease to drain away while cooking, giving you healthy food each time and every time. It's also dishwasher safe. Cleaning has never been easier! Features Grease drains away through...

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  • Gasmate Stabilising Legs

    Hate it when your gas cylinder tips over? With stabilising legs attached to the bottom of the gas cylinder, it increases safety to you and your family and prevents accidents from happening. Quick and easy to fit to most gas cylinders, get your...

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  • Gasmate Stabilising Base

    Hate it when your Procan1 tips over? With a stabilising base, it fits to the bottom of a Procan1 and increases stability of the Procan1 when in use. Features Base to stabilise Procan1 when in useNote: Procan1 is sold separately Specifications Model:...

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  • Gasmate Mini Light With Piezo

    Gasmate Mini Light with Piezo is a handy lightweight lantern perfect for any activity where space and weight is an issue. It is easy to use and ideal for serious campers and backpackers. Our butane range features high quality solid brass valve fittings...

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  • Gasmate Lantern Pole

    Illuminate your camping grounds with this 100cm Lantern Pole. Completely portable and easy to use, it makes a fantastic addition to any trip. Features This lantern pole reaches 100cm, providing light at eye-level, perfect for camp kitchensIt is fitted...

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  • Gasmate Telescopic Lantern Pole

    Whether you need to illuminate your backyard or your campsite, don't look past this Telescopic Lantern Pole from Gasmate. Featuring camping valve connection and a great range of height it's a perfectly portable way to brighten things up a bit. Features ...

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  • Gasmate Butane Adaptor

    The Gasmate Butane Adaptor is designed to allow butane appliances such as hiking stoves and lanterns to connect to a bayonet type butane cartridge. Ideal for hiking stoves and lanterns that previously used threaded gas cylinders. Features Compact size...

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  • Gasmate Lantern Mesh

    Sick of breaking your lantern glass? Never again will you hear that dreaded sound again with your Gasmate S/S lantern mesh. Simply choose your size and your mesh will be delivered in no time. Features No more glass breakagesDoes not impact overall...

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  • Gasmate Lantern Mantle (2 x Lanterns)

    Shine bright like a diamond and increase the brightness your lanterns emit with these Gasmate Lantern Mantles. Features They are designed for greater illumination with minimal effort on your part.You will receive a pack of two clip-on mantles made from...

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