Pizza Accessories

  • Gasmate Deluxe Pizza Oven Cover

    Protect your investment with the Gasmate Deluxe Pizza Oven Cover. It will protect your pizza oven and is sure to go the distance against any Australian weather condition. Features Will fit all Gasmate Pizza ovens & most on the marketKeep your Pizza...

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  • Gasmate Stainless Steel Pizza Cutter

    This traditional Gasmate stainless steel pizza cutter will slice and dice any pizza you put underneath it. Features Thumb guard protects all slim fingers and hands from the blade Stainless steel blade that makes slicing pizza too easy Specifications...

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  • Gasmate Pizza Tray Pack

    These large pizza trays will have you cooking your favourite pizza with no fuss. Features 2 in a packQuick and easy tray will do the job in any traditional oven/pizza oven or hooded BBQTraditional style pizza traysSized to best suit a large pizza...

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  • Gasmate Large Tray Pizza Spatula

    Don't be a goose! Grab one of these Gasmate pizza tray spatula for easy lifting' and shiftin' and avoid the pain of a burn. Features Folding handle with locking device Stainless steel lifting surfaceHandy utensil for any pizza cooker Specifications...

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  • Gasmate Ceramic Pizza Stone

    Replace your broken or damaged pizza stone with the Gasmate Ceramic Pizza Stone. It distributes heat perfectly to pizzas or other baked goods. Features Turn any hooded BBQ into a Pizza Oven with this 10mm ceramic pizza stone Absorbs moisture and evenly...

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  • Charmate Kamado Pizza Stone

    For that perfect pizza! This Charmate Kamado Pizza Stone will cook a pizza better than your regular oven. Features High quality stone, its made to last!Perfectly made for the perfect pizzas! Specification Dimension: 380mm D

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    Fontana Long Handle Pizza Oven Brush

    This durable brush is the perfect tool for cleaning your oven's cooking surface. The brush's stiff brass bristles won't melt while cleaning a hot surface. Its the perfect tool for clearing away any small particles on left on the cooking surface. The...

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  • Avanti Round Pizza Stone with Rack

    Avanti Round Pizza Stone with Rack Nothing beats the taste of home made pizza in a brick pizza oven, and now you can replicate the taste with your own Avanti Pizza Stone. Bake crispy pizzas, crusty bread, crunchy cookies and more. Made from Natural...

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  • Broil King Pro Pizza Stone W/SS Support

    The Broil King professional pizza stone features a 1.2mm high grade stainless steel cradle with oversized 10mm stainless handles with forged Broil King logo. The set includes a resilient pizza stone, able to withstand rapid temperature changes, high...

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  • GrillPro Pizza Grilling Stone Kit

    Grillpro Pizza Kit includes 33cm diameter reversible porcelain composite pizza stone with wire support, wood serving paddle / peel and a pizza cutter ,amp; slice serving tool Features & Specifications: GrillPro Pizza Grilling Stone Kit, from...

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  • Scanpan Pizza Cutter Scanpan Pizza Cutter

    The Scanpan Spectrum range will bring a touch of colour to your kitchen. The soft touch handle makes this pizza cutter easy and comfortable to use and with the added feature of a safety hand guard for cutting protection. The pizza cutter also comes with...

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