Christmas 2018

The festive season is upon us; it's time to clean up and prepare for the onslaught of visitors.

Completely remove the cover from your Barbecue or more increasingly your Outdoor Kitchen and check to see the state of the cooking surfaces, there are many and varied ways of cleaning your barbeque, and the most important thing to remember is that it is clean before you start. Also, consider what type of surface is it and clean it accordingly.

Empty your fat tray and replace it if you are using the disposable aluminium type. Light your barbeque, most barbeques today have self-lighting systems to give it a quick go and make sure everything is working as it should be. If it's not working to your expectations contact your barbeque service centre and have it fixed as quickly as possible.

The adage of fail to plan, plan to fail still holds an undeniable truth, even today. Make sure you have plenty of gas, have a spare bottle ready to go, there is nothing worse than getting halfway through the Christmas cooking and running out of gas, it can be a real show stopper.

So now you have a clean and fully operational barbeque, it's time to get cooking. Menu planning is a vital part of a successful Christmas Day barbequing experience, and you need to appreciate the different types of food as well as variations in time of different meals you are preparing.

Whether it be rotisserie, baking or grilling, you need to be conscious of time because that is the most significant single ingredient to your overall barbequing success.

Smokers have become more prominent in recent years, and the low and slow enthusiasts are gaining more and more prominence as they win over the masses with their delicious mouth water recipes that are full of flavour and so easy to eat. Forward-thinking again, make sure you have plenty of woodchips as they come in a variety of types giving a unique smokey taste to your favourite cuts of meat. Also, ensure you have sufficient amounts of your ideal rubs and marinades. Buying pre-made rubs and marinades can simplify the whole cooking experience but don't be afraid to make your own, they are usually much better than store bought ones and you can vary them to your taste preferences.

Entertaining outside is one of life's great pleasures, so it's important that you don't break the mood by having to leave every ten minutes or so to get drinks for everyone. An outdoor fridge is a perfect solution. Technological advances in thermostatic control and insulation mean that an outdoor refrigerator is an ideal accompaniment for any outdoor entertainment area.

Even in the long, hot Australian summer things start to cool down at night, being cold is a real distraction from enjoying a very special Christmas with family and friends. An outdoor heater is perfect for enjoying the outdoors longer. Portable or fixed, electric or gas there is a heating solution for every outdoor entertainment area.

So at Christmas, like all other times in life, being forewarned is being forearmed. Preparation is king to maximising once in a lifetime experiences entertaining your family and friends at home. Merry Christmas everyone from the Outdoor living experts at Outdoors Domain.