Discover The Ultimate Secrets to 'The Best BBQ' – Simple Do's & Don'ts

Do you find barbecuing a stress? Or perhaps don't know what all the hype's about? Then keep reading and we'll share some pro-tips that will help you on your way to having an awesome time around the BBQ & beyond! 

As a business that has sold a BBQ or two, we have learnt a couple of tips along the way that will hopefully help those delving into BBQ territory! 

13 Simple BBQ's Do's & Don'ts

Do find out if your guests have any food restrictions and cater for their requirements.

Don't ask them on the day, it will make them feel like an afterthought

Do the shopping the day before. Trust us. It saves a lot of time and stress!

Don’t forget to write a shopping list (see previous tip).

Do marinate the evening before cooking, it helps tenderise the meat and infuses more flavour

Don’t leave out the side dishes. It’s always worth preparing a delicious simple salad or throwing a couple of veggies on the BBQ as well (personal favourites are zucchini, corn & asparagus)

Do Condiments!! Apparently I say this a lot but it’s all about the condiments! I also like to whip up a little sour cream with crushed garlic and pepper…it pretty much goes with everything.

Don’t burn anything! No one likes a charred snag, so best to keep an eye on it.

Do experiment from time to time. Skippy, anyone?

Don't experiment for the first time with a large group or if it’s really out of your territory, build on a couple of base recipes and then branch out (or you might end up ordering pizza)

Do whip up a punch or simple cocktail, it turns a simple BBQ into something a little more spesh.

Don't overthink it, that’s not the point of a BBQ.

Do remember to sit down and eat with your friends. Worry about cleaning up later (or in my case, tomorrow)

What do you think?

Throw your hat in the ring and comment below with your tip/s for helping acheive the perfect BBQ.



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