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It is getting cooler here in Australia and that means preparing the outdoor alfresco area with cosy outdoor heating for all your upcoming winter entertainment. 

Where to start you say? Yes, there are many different options in regards to heating an outside alfresco area. The styles differ as does the heat, fuel and the features. 
There are many different types of outdoor heating available and can transform your outside are into another living space when designed right! 

An open fire incorporated into the design is a great way to decorate a space and make it cosy and warm. Whereas a Chimenea offers the ability to double as a cooking grill. 
Alternatively, you have the stylish electric or gas heaters to keep the elements at bay.

Different Types of Outdoor Heaters:

1. Electric Outdoor Heating: Slimline Alfresco Radiant Heaters.

Electric heaters are sleek and contemporary in design and are very versatile. They are usually mounted to walls or ceilings and provide excellent heat distribution.
The electric radiant heater (such as our  Infratech Slimline or Gasmate Optimum Heaters) is an affordable cost-effective heater that creates a comfortable heat with no glow.

The heating coverage is approximately 21-23 degrees. 

Prices range from $250-$1000

An electrician is usually required for installation. Remote options are available for extra convenience!

2. Gas & Flame Heaters: Gas area heaters, patio heaters, column heaters, and flame heaters

Gas heaters are ideal for any open alfresco area. Gas heaters run on LPG gas, are portable and easy to use.

Flame Heaters, such as our Gasmate Delux Stainless Steel Flame Heater, provide the ultimate combination of warmth outdoors with the natural beauty of a fire's flame. Perfect for your outdoor entertainment area. 

The consumption is very low and affordable. Whereas the deluxe area/patio and column heater (Gasmate Outdoor Gas Patio Heater) combine a stylish, modern look with strong, radiant heat for entertaining all year round. A great heating alternative in areas where ceiling clearances may prohibit the use of a mounted radiant heater. 

Prices range from $139-$500

Gasmate Stainless Steel Flame Heater   Gasmate Outdoor Gas Patio Heater

3. Fire Pits, Chimeneas & Pellet Heaters: Open Fire Pits, Clay Fire Bowls, Fire Chimeneas, and Indoor Pellet Heaters 

Only Fire Pits & Chimeneas provide the raw heat and the enjoyment that we all get from an untamed flame. Now available in a variety of styles, load them up with fuel, sit back, and enjoy! 

  • Fire Pits like our Charmate Firepit Bowl are perfect for open areas, they use raw fuel and create a natural ambience. It is an affordable addition to your outdoor entertaining area and a conversational piece that will give you the ambience that you desire.
  • Pellet Heaters like the Gasmate Pellet Heater offer the character of a natural wood fire and incredible warmth while reducing CO2 emissions. The pellet heater uses carbon efficient fuel with minimal ash. This can burn between 17-38 hours.
  • Chimeneas are a sturdy cast iron option to keep you toasty through the cooler months. Plus, they Instantly convert to a BBQ with included chrome grill. Our Chapala Cast Iron Chimenea is shown in the image below.

Prices range from $79-$2000

Gasmate Pellet HeaterChapala Cast Iron Chimenea

Entertaining outside is one of life's great pleasures. Choosing the right heater for your outdoor space is important, and you do not need to spend a fortune to create an amazing space. There are plenty of options that will suit your style and needs.

Need some helpful advice?

Feel free to get in contact with one of our team on 1300-794-839 to discuss your heating needs. We’ll be more then happy to help! 

Outdoor heating


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